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Internships are crucial for gaining experience as a student. Movado Group has designed an internship program to help lay the foundation for your career. Our internships give you the chance to get hands-on experience while finding a career you are passionate about. At Movado Group, we support supplementing a college student’s education by providing real-life working situations in a variety of disciplines throughout a variety of departments.

Semester-Based Internship

Almost every department in Movado Group participates in the standard internship program. This internship is a mentored work experience with an educational focus related to a student’s major. This internship program is flexible and can be completed while attending school. Local students are encouraged to apply as this is a great opportunity to use your educational knowledge in the work environment!

  • Semester-Based Internship positions are posted all year round! Stay up to date by checking our job search page

  • Semester-Based Interns work up to 25 hours per week and managers are flexible in working with school schedules

  • This is a paid internship

  • Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are welcome to apply

Co-op Internship

Co-Ops or "Co-operative Education" is a type of internship program that allows college students to receive career training with pay as they work with professionals in their major fields of study. It is generally a co-sponsored partnership between the school and Movado Group. At Movado Group, we offer a semester by semester Co-op program partnered with several departments in our corporate headquarters and distribution center.

  • Co-Op Internship positions are posted three times per year, in August, November, and April

  • Co-Ops work full-time and are paid

  • Juniors and Seniors are welcome to apply

Summer Internships

There are a variety of departments throughout Movado Group that participate in summer internships. Whether you are interested in Marketing, Finance, Product Development, or Design, there is an opportunity here for you! This particular internship is very much project based. You will be given a real-world project to work on and execute before you go back to school. It is a great component to add to your resume.

  • Summer Internships will be posted in April and run from June - August

  • Summer Interns will work full-time for these 8 weeks from 9AM - 5PM

  • This is a paid internship

  • Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are welcome to apply


At Movado Group, we are driven by the desire to build the strongest watch brands in the industry – and we are passionate about what we do. Our people are fueled by a creative spirit and their dedication to excellence.

As an intern at Movado Group, you are getting the full package!

Explore your career field.

Gain practical, hands-on, real-world experience by exploring one of the many different departments Movado offers.

Make yourself more marketable.

Boost your resume and increase your chances of getting a great career when you graduate.

Earn College/ University Credit.

An internship with MGI can help increase your GPA and add to your educational career.

Gain interview/ job exposure.

Improve your interviewing skills and exposure to different brands within MGI.

Establish Relationships.

Networking is critical to the growth of your career.

Transitioning to a Full-Time Job.

Several of MGI’s interns have been offered full-time roles!


  • Lunch and Learns: resume builder, interview boot-camp, networking events etc.

  • Included in company parties and activities.

  • Volunteer at Friends and Family sales and meet people throughout the organization.

  • Participate in community service events and activities sponsored by the company.


Veronica Teca-Ullauri, Licensed Brands Merchandising

“As an intern for the Merchandising team, it has truly been a one of a kind learning opportunity. Experiencing tasks hands-on has allowed me to create a foundation and a profound passion for my career. Here at MGI, interns are not just interns but rather essential contributors to the end result.”

Joe Monsko, Licensed Brands Marketing

“As a licensed brand marketing intern at MGI, I have been welcomed as a valued member of the team assisting with projects and learning about other business functions through collaboration with other departments. I’ve gained valuable hands-on experience in my field of study and learned how every individual’s input in the organization contributes to the big picture.”

Valerie Espinal, Media

“Working as the Media intern in Movado’s marketing department has given me the ability to experience real-world career situations, while also teaching me things one wouldn’t effectively learn about in school. Teamwork, communication, and other marketing and business skills I’ve acquired here have, and will continue to shape me for my future.”

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